11 things I did not know about a toddler until I had one

11 things I did not know about a toddler until I had one

Hmm, it has been 3 months past since my daughter turned 2 years old. As I am fast approaching this parenthood journey, I made some really cool discoveries which I wanted to share with you fellow moms.More than discoveries, I would like to call them as my learning. For example, things like..


Toddlers are tougher to manage than babies. They make babies look so easy peasy.

The first year with the baby was extremely hard. I have had very few nights where I really got a good sleep. Well! that totally doesn’t mean that I get good sleep now. That is where my point begins, toddler makes you feel like the second year is harder and harder.I am not scaring you okay! but this is the fact. Once your kid ¬†enters the terrible two stage, you will be feeling that the baby stage was so so much better. The phrase “never grow up ” stays so true to word. Toddlers are hard work and they make a huge impact in your life and life decisions.


They have endless questions & you build the ability to answer the same question with multiple answers. AGAIN & AGAIN

My daughter has recently entered this really cute stage of asking “endless questions”. And never think of fooling them, you can’t even remotely fool them. The probing mentality is so good though and I love answering to her questions. The fun begins when you enter the supermarket and she wants to know exactly who each and everyone walking past her is. What color is their shirt, tops etc. Fun right?


Naps per day is inversely proportional to their age.

As a baby, Avi used to sleep twice a day. But now, sleeping isn’t fun anymore. There are so many things outside to explore and enjoy that they just don’t want to sleep. So the key is to tire them out completely. Damn, it was so easy when she napped twice a day. Well, I know that one day, this nap will also be dropped. So do your best while they are napping and don’t scroll Instagram when they nap (Like ME!), instead enjoy your meal or make your meal ahead.


You will save money on clothes.

I know baby clothes are way too cuter than ours. I literally use to shop for my daughter wherever I go. I stopped shopping for myself and started shopping for her. But this shopping frantic goes until two years of age. After two years, your kid will either not be growing exponentially and be fitting into those 12-18 months and 18-24 months wardrobe. And toddlers are rough players, they just don’t need anything dressy. So those clothes would suffice and will run the show for a lot more time.


They become independent overnight.

“Avi, shall i make you wear the coat?” says me. The reply (obviously) would be ” No:”. And asking for help when they are really not able to do something is out of question. It might hit their prestige.


The above point is a big LIE. The first thing they learn overnight is the word “NO”

Not kidding, they learn the word No pretty quickly. I think partially the mistake is on our side, because we choose to use that word more often. And hence, it is always better to give them options rather than asking them questions. And implementing that isn’t easy too. But try it, it will help.


Toddler was kidding when they pretended to enjoy eating all the things when they were babies.

“Picky and fussy eaters” were words I heard from moms before I became one. I was very glad to see my daughter eat everything when she was a baby. I was in glee and that’s when the real panic attack happened. She just don’t want your food anymore. That too I was just about to give myself a pat on the back for raising a kid who ate everything that her mother would put on her plate, the least fussy eater in the history of the world. Lol! now i have a toddler who just wants “bread for lunch, snack and dinner”. To be fair to her, she does ask something more too like pizza, pasta and bagel.And eats most of the things that we give her, if not all the things. however, toddlers develop a mind and taste of their own. You just can’t manipulate them anymore. Don’t even think of sneaking in those broccoli and carrots in between the cheesy snacks that they ask for. never works!


They are great helpers.

Before I get a comment saying “please don’t be so negative about your kid”. Let me point out the best of a toddler.They are great helpers. Trust me! teach them something, they will grasp it super quickly and show you even the best way to execute it. You will be mind blown.


Wheels on the bus and Itsy bitsy spider will become the family anthem.

Parents, do you agree? It is so true. even my husband sings those rhymes while driving the car. I mean, we get so used to these songs that we don;t even mind singing them in public. We know the sassiest and wackiest ways of singing these rhymes. Want a family gig this summer? Call us!


All the toys in the house are for parents and none for the toddler.

The parents enjoy playing with them and making the best use out of each of them. Whereas the toddler will enjoy watching you play with it while they are busy scrolling the kitchen cabinet and wardrobe. Of course, they need the colander, mug and whatnot to play with.


Toddlers are super honest.

My last point is a big shout out to all those kiddos out there who are either sleeping, playing, eating, crying, trantruming (I know, that’s not even a word) or smiling from some part of the world. Keep up your honesty. We want that right? You will hear honest answers and opinions from them until they start developing an internal filter. But until then, you will enjoy all their belly laughs, squirmy cuddles and cute questions.

Kids are worth all of it, You will actually learn to be selfless, love someone more than yourself and sacrificing isn’t a big deal anymore. So enjoy each phase of your kid, each one will pass by pretty quickly.

Freeze every moment!


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