Hey It’s Me

I still remember how overwhelmed I was when I wrote about me the very first time in my resume soon after my graduation. I was nervous and sought the help of my father multiple times. Today, I am delighted to write this section of my own blog page. More importantly, I am very glad that you stopped by to meet me in this virtual world!

About SnapSavorScribble

In 2015, my husband and I moved to the United States of America from India. We were on the “Let’s explore America” mode! The idea of travel blogging seemed intriguing to me. So, I decided to get my hands dirty on it, and embarked on a writing journey. Although we had visited many other places before, my first blog post was about Las Vegas, Nevada – “What happened in Vegas, did not want to stay in Vegas”! Instead, our memories were shared with the world. And that is when I realized that I actually enjoyed writing my experiences. I continued to write more blogs about places I visited. Then one day I thought to self: why not make my blog page more interesting and diversify my content? Rather than being limited to a travel cocoon, I wanted to create a digital persona of myself. So I made three segments – My Snaps, My Savors and My Scribbles. I wanted my blog page to be a face of what I am, and my interests. Thus, SnapSavorScribble was born.

What is MySnap?

I graduated with Bachelors in Visual Media. In my opinion, it is the most interesting, and creative course one could opt for after school. Totally enjoyed the advertising and photography classes. My very first camera, bought by my father, was a Nikon D40. I am not saying that I was an expert photographer back then, but yes, I could click some decent ones. The Nikon D40 gave me a good 5 years, and I experimented quite a bit. Unfortunately, with time, the picture quality started deteriorating. The lens had gone bad and my relation with DSLR ended. But now, I am back on track with a Nikon DSLR 3400. I am dusting up my camera skills and I thought why not share what I see through my viewfinder? And MySnaps was christened.

What is MySavor?

My mother is an expert cook; her traditional veggie recipes are banana_leaf_licking good! My mother-in-law is adept at aromatic mutton curries, and seafood recipes; lip_smackingly scrumptious! My husband is a die hard foodie, and loves people who cook tasty food. Talk about pressure to perform! Taking a cue from the adage – the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach – I got started. All the delicous, sumptuous dishes and recipes helped me win my husband’s heart totally. Some of the recipes are inherited from my mother and mother-in-law, whereas some others orignated in my own kitchen. MySavor will be all about celebrating what I can do with delicious vegetarian and non-vegeterian ingredients.

What is MyScribble?

Knocking off adventures from a bucket list is not my way. Because I do not keep a bucket list. I see the world as and when it comes. No hurry! I will do it at my own pace. MyScribbles will be a collation of my random travel journeys, my ponderings, and much more. Blogging is fun, and more so when readers  share their thoughts, and similar experiences. My goal is to make this blog interactive; your comments will keep me going.

SnapSavorScribble (SSS) was christened a month back with the support and motivation of my husband. I hope this would grow further, and farther ahead in the years to come.  Also, a big Thank You to all those who took the effort of moving the mouse, clicking on “Hey It’s me”, and read till the end. It is good to have you here.

Have a wonderful day!