Things to do in Southern Oregon Coast

Things to do in Southern Oregon Coast

The Oregon coast is vast and beautiful. Covering each and every spot in the coast might need few days or weeks or even months. It has over 300 miles of sandy beaches and also has coastal towns which are quaint and beautiful. You might have already read my summer bucket list for Oregon and I have already covered the famous coastal towns and beaches. Nor going further down south, we ventured into an adventure during the labor day weekend. This time it was to Yachats, Florence and Bandon.


Between the Oregon coastal towns of Yachats and Florence, there are two popular stops. The most photographed lighthouse – The Hecteta Head Lighthouse. This is super picturesque.

The second one is the the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. You get to see some phenomenal natural wonders like Thor’s Well, Cook’s Chasm and the spouting horn. You can spend easily more than an hour enjoying the ocean breeze and watching these water wonders.

What is Thor’s well?

Thor’s well is a hole carved out of the basalt shoreline in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area. The location of Thor’s well is right against the Pacific Ocean, for this reason you get a constant flow of sea waves rolling in from underneath and filling the bowl from beneath the bottom. Now the best time to visit this amazing phenomenon is during high tides and I would definitely recommend checking the tide times.

How to get to Thor’s Well? 

The place is a little bit tricky to find. We put the address for Thor’s Well in google map and it took us but there is a bit of a hike down. So you can either, park your car at Cape Perpetua Visitor Center and walk down. The Spouting Horn, Thor’s Well and Cook’s Chasm are located in the same area one after the other. Or you can directly put the address for Spouting Horn, as you descend down, you will see the Thor’s well near the edge. 


Florence is famous for its wide spread of sand dunes.You will just enjoy the dune walks along the Pacific Ocean and enjoying the gorgeous sunset. We had around 2 hours in Florence to spend. The activity we chose was the Sand Dunes ride .This ride was worth all the penny. Our little one at first was a bit scared but she managed to take a sneak peak at times. She actually was tucked inside her daddy’s coat but she did enjoy those milder stunts that they do. The tour is for about 45 minutes and it takes you to those beached which are only accessible by ATV’s or sand buggies.It was yet another world and you will simply wont believe that you are in Oregon. We enjoyed the ride with our 21 month old. Fore reservations:


This is just a little coastal town where you would want to live forever. It is so serene and peaceful that you will definitely want to stop at Bandon during your coastal trip. There is seafood, beaches, haystacks, small salons and pubs and everything cute and cozy including charming Airbnb rentals.

Things to do in Bandon

  1. The Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

Oregon coast has unique haystacks at all beaches. Seeing the face rock haystack was my dream come true. It is marvel of nature, I must tell you. Don’t ever miss this spot. We went on a Sunday  morning and luckily we were able to experience the “walk the circles” event where a sand artist draws unique sand drawings which you can see upclose.

We could walk inside the circles which the artist had meticulously drawn. It was a wonderful experience for us. The clouds were still down and the there was a haze around the beach. The Face Rock had still not made its appearance. We waited for few more minutes. Once the clouds started disappearing, we were able to see the face rock haystack in its fullest form. It was ah-mazing.

2. Eat at the shack

Are you a seafood lover? Head to Old town Bandon, savor some really tasty seafood. We chose Bandon Fish Market. This was a highly rated restaurant with a long waiting line. They have more deep fried items on the menu. We ordered clam chowder, oyster fries, fried, mussels fry etc. It was delicious and worth the wait.

3. The Old town Bandon

This has simple shacks and local artisans selling crafts and arts. We could also find fishermen selling fresh tuna out of the boardwalk. We actually wanted to buy one but the quantity was too much for us. But they looked fresh and they even gave us samples to try.

4. Coquille Lighthouse

We did not go to this place but I have heard that this is also a popular spot which tourists prefer. We did not have much time and hence we did not make it.

Oregon coast is one such place which you would never want to leave and want to come back for more and more. It has so much to offer that you will never want to miss one spot. My heart was full and filled with memories from this coast trip. And am sure yours will be too. Don’t forget to add Oregon coast to your bucket list if you are ever planning on visiting Oregon.


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