The ultimate summer bucketlist- Oregon

The ultimate summer bucketlist- Oregon

I know, I know ; there has been an absolute silence in this page for around 6 months. I was busy  in the “toddler-in – making” process. And am slowly getting back on track after my India visit about which a blog will be up soon. But right now, I am going to walk you through  the summer of 2019 in Oregon. 

The summer in Oregon is the most enjoyable time of the year. The hair gets lighter, the skin gets darker and water gets warmer; what else do you need to jump in the river, enjoy the scenic beauty while sipping some cold brews. Well, that pretty much sums up the summer in Oregon. So when everything looks so glorious we all are looking for something fun to do. And here are few places that I had visited during the summer days and I have narrowed it down to a list.

1. Cruising the coast

The Oregon coast is one of the gorgeous coastline in the US. Every spots in the Oregon coast has something fun to do. No matter what; do not miss driving along the Pacific Ocean on the one side and the mountains on the other. Also, you can park and enter the beach wherever you want because the Oregon coast is free for the public. There are  not even a single spot which is private. Wont it make the coast extra special? Here are few places which you can visit:

  • The Cannon Beach : This gorgeous spot is popular among the tourists for the huge and impressive Haystack rock. While you are ready to drive to the beach, always keep an eye on the temperature coz it can get really cold out there. Read more.
  • The Cape Lookout State Park : To the south of Cannon beach; if you take the Three Capes Scenic Route, you would hit the Capes Look Out State Park, Cape Meares and Cape Kiwanda. You can either drive through or follow the trail through the forest.
  • Tilamook: The cheese factory or the creamery in Tilamook is absolutely a bliss to visit. The icecreams and cheese are worth for a pit stop. They have a self guided tour and that too without any entry fee
  • The Pacific City : If you are interested in some adventure sports. You can choose Pacific city. The Nestucca Adventures in Pacific City offers paddle boarding and allowing you to explore the Nestucca river on your own. Also, the fun thing about the Pacific City beach is that you can drive up on the beach and along the ocean. The sunset view sitting on the deck of Pelican breweries is another must thing to do. I would die for their squid rings and fish n chips.
  • The Lincoln City: Back on US 101: you drive further south; stop at Lincoln city beach and make stops at the Otter crest Loop for a wonderful view of the Devil’s Punchbowl where you see the battle between the sea and rock in pure form.
  • The Yaquina lighthouse
  • Newport: Newport is famous for the Oregon Coast Aquarium
  • Florence: Interested in some sand sports? Stop at the Oregon Dune Recreational Area for dunebashing sports. Gear up and wear your goggles because it can get really dirty and dusty up here.
  • Heceta Head Lighthouse 

2. Chasing some waterfalls

Oh yea, this is fun too. Oregon is full off waterfalls and the prominent spot to look for waterfalls would be the Columbia River Gorge. The gorge is home for some amazing waterfalls like Multnomah Falls. The multnomah falls is one of the iconic waterfalls in Oregon. No one should ever miss this spot. I am enlisting some popular waterfalls which you can check out during summer days and of course you can hike them too.

  • The Multnomah Falls: Oregon is a state where water is available in plenty because it rains almost more than half of the year. Waterfalls are pretty common in this state. But Multnomah Falls is the tallest waterfall in Oregon which is about 620 feet tall and hence, you should never miss visiting this beauty. Read more
  • The Silver Falls, Silverton  : So, after visiting the famous Multnomah Waterfalls in Oregon, we ventured on a hike to the Silver Falls State park and the trail of ten falls on a bright and warm day in Oregon. The entire trail of ten falls loop took me above, behind, and around ten stunning waterfalls over an 8.7-mile loop; I was awestruck. Read more
  • The bridal veil falls
  • Horsetail falls
  • The salvation creek waterfall
  • The Koosah Falls, Mckenzie River Scenic Byway; on the way to Vida, Oregon : The Koosah fall is very easliy accessible and there is virtually no hike at all to see this stunning waterfall. Read more
  • The Sahalie Falls, Mckenzie River Scenic Byway; on the way to Vida, Oregon

3. Hiking a mountain

I am sure that those of who have visited Oregon would agree with me on this – Oregon is the most diverse state in the US. It has a beautiful coastline, snow capped mountains, desert, active and dormant volcanoes, waterfalls and wineries. Phew. Speaking of mountain and national parks, Mt. Hood National Park is yet another go-to place. Mt.Hood is a volcano and one of the 7 wonders of Oregon. This is the home to the year round ski resort in the North America. Not kidding! but this is on the slope of an active volcano.

  • Timberline Lodge and Ski resort: This is the oldest skiing resort and lodge in the Mt.Hood National forest. They provide Ski passes and provide ski lifts which would take you to summit. Wow! that is something which you shouldnt miss during summer.
  • Trillium Lake: One of the best view of Mt.Hood can be found in Trillium Lake. The drive to Trillium Lake from Portland is about an hour and this is one of the best spot to view this spectacular mountain. Read more
  • Government Camp : This is more like a resting spot for tourists but of course with the view of the mountain and a lift which takes you up to the lodge.

4. The Crater Lake National Park

I had no category under which I could put this gem of a place into. Trust me, this place is unbelievable, beyond words. Crater Lake National Park is a unique and awe inspiring location to take a trip to when you are in Oregon. Read more

5. Fun stuff to -do during summer days

Hood River is a small town in Oregon on the Columbia River Gorge and it is famous for small farms growing multiple crops throughout the year. The beauty about this place is that it is very close to Mt. Hood. A perfect getaway destination for loads of fun stuffs to do. I love visiting working farms and plucking cherries/ lavender/ pear/ pumpkins etc. A visit to Hood River during summer is a must.

  • Visit a Lavender Field :When you are in Oregon during the summer, there are some really cool stuffs that you can do. One such is visiting the Lavender Farm in the Hood River. You can walk among those beautiful lavender fields and click some stunning pictures on the backdrop of Mt.Hood. 
  • Cherry Picking
  • Strawberry Picking
  • Visit a sunflower  
  • Kayaking a river
  • Fishing
  • Downtown strolls : Portland Downtown is quirkier and cuter in manyways. For an Indian, like me at first the downtown was the scariest place to go. But later I understood; Portland is weird and you gotta be weird too to accept that. Portland downtown has many small shops, breweries and coffee shops which you would not want to miss while you are visiting. The voodoo donuts is one of the famous donut shops in the downtown. If you really want to know what the hype is about; you have to stand in the line and savor those sweet things. Uh oh! Did I not tell you that Voodoo donuts are just not the usual style donuts? 
  • The salt n straw icecreams is a top notch icecream shop in the city with some unique ice cream flavors.
  • The Japanese garden
  • International Rose Garden
  • Tom McCall waterfront : another best way to explore the downtown is by using the bicycle. You can find many cycles on various spots throughout the city. Tom McCall waterfront is famous for the farmers market that happens during summer and the beautiful view of the Willamette River.
  • Powells at Downtown with the largest collection of books.
  • Lan Su Chinese Garden
  • Japanese Garden
  • Pittock Mansion

Recommended time to see these places:

I would recommend atleast 5 -6 days if you want to cover all these places .

So, when are you packing your bags and tripping to Oregon?. Also, this is just the list of places where I have gone and seen. There could be some places which I haven’t listed ( obv! I havnt visited yet); so feel free to comment any more places that needs to be added to this summer list. I will be more than happy to hyperlink those places.

so happy summer days!




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  1. MK Balakrishnan says:

    Nice to see you back in action through Snapsavoursribble. Probably rejuvenated after the India visit. Happy to note that You have one on the Home visit in the anvil. This narrative of Summer specialties in Oregon is really interesting. I must admit that this has been your masterpiece.
    Continue to pen more of such Blogs on a regular basis. You will certainly attract more visitors on your blog spot. Best wishes

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    Pittock mansion, downtown best restaurants, Powell’s library, la su Chinese garden, Oregon zoo, Astoria, wooden shoe tulip festival, cherry blossom

    • Sruthy says:

      Great suggestions! Thanks I will add them, missed Chinese garden, it was a place we had visited in summer

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