Weekend Getaway to Vida, Oregon – Travel long the Mckenzie River

Weekend Getaway to Vida, Oregon – Travel long the Mckenzie River

Break is a much needed thing. May you be working or not working, break is a must for humans. This is the time for you to rejuvenate and relax. So, we too thought of taking a weekend break from the hustle and bustle of the city and live amidst the woods, on the shore of the wildest river in Oregon – The McKenzie river.

We chose a little city called Vida which is closer to Bend, Oregon. This cute city is perched along the Mckenzie river and is tucked up against the foothills of the Cascade mountains in the Willamette Valley. If you just choose to travel on the Mckenzie River highway, you would be lucky to see beautiful waterfalls and lakes.

Our first destination on the way to Vida was the Sahalie and Koosah waterfalls. The drive through the roads of central Oregon was different from what we experienced elsewhere. There were blue lakes, plains and hills closer to the road. If you are travelling to Sahalie and Koosah falls from Portland, you can even take a stop at the Detroit Lake. There is a huge dam and the lake looked amazingly beautiful.

Once we reached the waterfall.  We had a mind blowing experience. I never heard about these two waterfalls unless I started searching for scenic spots on the Mckenzie River Highway. I was glad that I found this one and we chose to go here with a picnic.

Things to know before you go to Sahalie Falls:

  1. This is a super huge and powerful waterfall falling from a height of 100 feet on a natural lava dam.
  2. The viewing platform is very close to the parking lot and hence, no trek is needed to this.
  3. This is a dog friendly area.
  4. You can hike down and view this waterfall pretty close by. But this is  not a paved or regular hiking path.  Hence, it is better to be careful.

We took some time here as we had packed our lunch. And of course, with a baby you need all the time in the world.

The Koosah Falls

Our next pitstop was at Koosah falls. You can hike from Sahalie to koosah falls which is a 2.6 mile loop. But we did not want to hike and so took our car to the parking lot of Koosah falls.  There are multiple viewing points and wooden benches where you can sit and take rest while you hike. This is yet another incredible waterfall. A rock in the centre splits this waterfall into two and makes it look like a twin fall. Koosah falls is also just like its sister fall- Sahalie. It was magnificent and this 70 foot waterfalls plunges into a deep pool. I would say you shouln’t miss these waterfalls if you are ever travelling in the Mckenzie River scenic highway.

Ok! now it is time to stay and relax. We did not roam much because it was getting hot and we wanted to spend as much time as we can in the cabin which we booked. We grabbed some milk and snacks from the cutesy town, Vida and headed to the resort.

We booked our cabin at Wayfarer Resort. It was a cozy cabin which could accommodate about 5 adults. The advantage was that we could stay as close as we wanted to the McKenzie River. Did you know that McKenzie River has the largest stock of trout fish? Well, it does. Unfortunately, my hubby’s fishing license had expired. Otherwise am sure he would have had luck with his bait. Nevertheless, we had bought a wild caught sockeye salmon for the grill. Yes, there was a barbecue pit right outside on the deck. We rested for a while and decided to take a stroll outside. There was a small pond where the resort owners had stocked up some fishes for the kids to catch. There was a huckleberry which we rode.


Sitting on the banks of the wildest River  in Oregon was a bliss. The sunset view was perfect. Soak the feet in the river and soak into the goodness of the nature. Amazing right?

The night was cold, typical Oregon weather. We slept hearing the babbling sound of the brook. It was a pleasant stay and with Avi, we needed everything so that it wouldn’t affect her by any means. We checked out in the next day morning.

This was a memorable experience. There was not internet connection and I wanted a much needed social media break, especially from instagram you know! Even though, I kept thinking about what to post the very next day when the connection is back. I am also human, a big social media buff. haha! jokes apart, It was amazing to have such picturesque places closer to where you live. Glad that Oregon has a pinch of everything – mountains, plains, lakes, beaches and desserts. 

Have you visited Vida in the past? If so, tell me your experience in the comment bar below.


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  1. Yesha says:

    Looks so beautiful sru!! And yes in this era of being connected to the web at all times, we definetly need some time off the internet.

    • Sruthy says:

      Thanks Dear. Yes! I was getting frustrated at times when my videos werent getting uploaded. But then after a while, I felt. It is okay! What is the big deal. I should be able to live the moment and stop worrying about insta.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Interesting narration,Sruthi.Keep up the tempo of writing.We really enjoyed the details of your trip& felt as though we were together with you.Your blogs are top class.Congrats

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