Introducing solids to baby 101

Introducing solids to baby 101

I am a mother of a 6 month old bub. Starting from day one, when you see your baby grow, you build up a lot of expectation, a lot of milestones and you would want your baby to achieve it from time to time. Introducing solids to my baby was one such milestone. As much as it is exciting; it is a bit confusing too with the overload of information in the internet.

My first doubt was whether I should be introducing solids in four and a half months or wait until sixth month? Should I give cereals first or introduce veggies and fruits? Will introducing fruits first make my baby a sweeth tooth? Will she be allergic to any food? Gosh! these were some of the questions that popped in my mind. I get it; for a first time mom, it is super confusing. That’s when your pediatrician’s advice comes handy and the below cues that you should pay attention to in your baby;

  1. If your baby can hold up the head on their own,then go for it. My little one could sit in her bouncer and could swallow food pretty easily by 4.5 months.
  2. Baby is opening their mouth when the food is brought near to the mouth. This is very crucial cue that every mother should look for. Babies should be interested in the food that your offering. All these while, the only source of food was your breast milk/formula and having a whole new food should make the baby eager to eat.
  3. Baby should be able to push or swallow the food offered in a spoon. At first, I gave my daughter Ragi/ powdered yeast porridge which was easy for her to digest and swallow. It was pretty easy to feed her using spoon or sometimes hand. I started with 2 tablespoons everyday and checked if she was able to swallow it easily.

My pediatrician suggested that if the baby has doubled his/her birth weight by 4 months, then it is ideal to introduce solids. And also, each day can be a new food day. This can be a combination of fruits and vegetables. Do not  introduce two new food at once, start with one fruit or vegetable and this would help you to understand if she is developing any allergies. Also, wait upto two or three days in between introducing a new food.

Did I follow a schedule?

Yes! I did follow a schedule. Starting, I gave solid food to my daughter only once a day. She was exclusively on breast milk until then. So, she was breast fed in the mornings, evenings and night. I gave her Ragi/powdered yeast porridge in the afternoon as a lunch. I set this schedule for her and once she was done with bath, it was time to feed her lunch.  Now that she is 6 months old, I have doubled up the feeding schedule to two times a day ( lunch and dinner) and rest all is complimented with breast milk/formula.

Now it is time to tell you what were the few solid foods I started with for my daughter.

  1. Single grain cereal – As I mentioned earlier, i started with Ragi/powdered yeast porridge was more like a single grain cereal. The level of iron stored up in Ragi is enormous and it gives your baby a great amount of strength and energy. I used to make it really watery at first and once my baby was used to it, I started making it thick by adding more cereal. Ragi porridge is an age old recipe which is passed on from generation to generation. It is gentle on baby’s tummy and hence can be a best first solid food.
  2. Pureed apple – “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away ” this adage is simply true. It simply keeps us away from all the illness and has a lot of health benefits too. Moreover, I felt apple could be one of the easily digesting fruit for the baby. It also keeps the baby away from constipation, dysentry, cough etc.
  3.  Pureed banana – Bananas are high in potassium ideal for reducing any heart related problems. It also keeps the digestion smooth.
  4. Pureed avocado – Avocados are best source of unsaturated fat or good fat. They aren’t sweet fruit and it is highly possible that the babies stay away from this one. But try to offer this fruit as it contains some good fat beneficial for the body.
  5. Pureed carrots – Carrots are good for the eye sight. It can make the baby constipated sometimes and so try to blend it with some apple or banana.
  6. Pureed sweet potato – This vegetable is high in Vitamin C and contains iron. It also support a healthy immune system.
  7. Pureed Pear – Pear has a good fiber content which helps in digestion.

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These are some fruits and vegetables I started giving my little one when she was ready to have solids. The preparation was easy and it just needed little bit of steaming and then blending. One of the most important thing to keep in mind is that the baby should be given all the flavors and their taste palette should get to know what sweet, sour and bitter is. So happy mommying!

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  1. sonam says:

    Purees are the best way to introduce food.. My lo loved banana and sweet potato puree. He is one year and still loves both

  2. Balakrishnan.MK says:

    It is a useful blog for parents of little ones nearing the 6month mark.Well articulated by an experienced mom ,with all finer details.Great going Sruthi.You can make a compilation of all your blogs relating to childbirth& upbringing& publish as reference book for mothers.

  3. Kavitha says:

    Most of the new moms get confused about what and how to feed their baby, so was I, you have cleared all the questions in a great way….. just love this…

  4. Deepali Soam says:

    Helpful read!
    You have covered everything in one post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Started with the same set of recipes too when my little one turned 6 months old.. Very helpful post for new moms out there..

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