Mom speaks – Baby Blue story 2

Mom speaks – Baby Blue story 2

So here is another mother who is speaking about baby blues and how she felt during this phase. What I felt is that each of us went through an emotional tantrum which was in a similar fashion. The approach we took to surpass this situation were different. What Nanditha Ajay speaks today will be an eye opener to many new moms. 

Nanditha Ajay was my college mate from Amrita School of Arts and Sciences, Kochi. She is working in KPMG for the past 4 years. She also is a student who is pursuing CS. Her passion is dancing. Also, she is a big travel fan and loves travelling whenever possible.

When did you have your baby and how old is your little one? 

My lil baby girl Advika was born on Jan 11, 2018. She is 7 weeks old.

Did you have a healthy pregnancy?

Yes I did.

Did you have a normal delivery or a C-section? 

I had a C-section.

When did you first feel that your emotions were taking a strong leap?

Just after I got discharged from hospital

When did your baby blues or postpartum depression kick in?

Within 1 week I got discharged from hospital

 What did it feel like?

I started getting angry at everyone. I started feeling insecure all of a sudden. I had a feeling that the baby doesn’t like me as she was never comfortable with me. I felt I can never be a good mother. To top it of, there were some annoying questions from people around like ; “do you have enough milk?, ” are you sure the baby is getting enough milk?”.

 How did you overcome?

It was difficult to overcome the emotions and thoughts at that time. Time is what healed everything. You can overcome it if you know that those emotions are temporary and you and the baby will adjust soon. I used to research on all worries and doubts online which helped me to an extent. Also, my hubby was very supportive and assured me every time I was down that everything is going to be fine.

What do you think is the best technique to adopt when you feel low or sad?

Talk to someone who think can support you. Music can be an excellent therapeutic. So Listen to music. Have some time for yourself. Most importantly, believe in yourself. Just do all the baby chores with confidence.

How did you handle the situation when you had mood swings?

Handling the situation was difficult and I don’t think I was able to handle it very well. 

How long did your baby blues last?

Around 2 weeks

Alrighty, so the simple technique that Nandita adopted was listening to music. The remedy might sound easy now, but doing something at that moment when you have wreaked your emotions might be super difficult.  But trust me, music can definitely do wonders and it helps your emotions to not take random leaps. Looking after a baby can seem very overwhelming, but it is totally doable. Be confident and work for it. 

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