Is babymoon more than a vacation?

Is babymoon more than a vacation?

A baby can change your entire life. Of course, the change is for a good reason and you will love it for sure.The beginning can seem to be a little bumpy but I have heard that the road is not always rocky and one will definitely enjoy the ride ahead.  Pregnancy is also a period which may seem hard in the beginning but I am sure all new moms would treasure those 10 months in their life.

Hey here is a question , have you done any interesting stuffs during your pregnancy? Push party, dadchelor party ….a babymoon???

So few days back , I was just looking back at my travel post on “Crater Lake National Park“. That was a good trip and it was a bit special because I was pregnant with Avi baby. I would consider this trip as my babymoon because it was the last weekend getaway we both took before Avi baby arrived. And for that reason we took it slow and less fancy.

Oh! Are you wondering what a babymoon is?  Babymoon is considered as a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by the parents before the little one comes into their life. The main agenda is to sneak in some good sleep and celebrate the new special life.

Don’t you think your entire pregnancy was a babymoon by itself? 

From the day I realized that I am pregnant, the only thought that revolved around me was the thought about my little one growing inside me. I wanted her to be healthy, so I wanted to eat healthy, do good exercises, watch videos and read about birthing and other important stuffs and get some quality sleep. We stopped travelling to far off places because we did not want to take any risks. Any trip that we took would end in a day. And so, the trip to Crater Lake National Park was the longest one because we stayed in a hotel overnight. We needed a break from all the planning.

On that note, I had conducted a poll in my instagram account asking if it is necessary to take a babymoon? The answer was as below:

Majority of you said it is totally needed and some of you opined it is not. I would say it is needed but babymoon need not be in the form a vacation. Each pregnancy is different. Some women find it easy to travel and some may not. So, babymoon can be just some time with your spouse at a nearby restaurant, or cooking dinner together, watching a movie together or even a stroll along the beach side.

And that is what I wanted to bring to your notice through this blog. It is not about flying to a whole new destination. It is about taking some time off to do what you like together as a couple. 

So here goes my perspective about babymoon

The babymoon need not be extravagant.

Never! It is not the matter of money. You ought to save some money for the little one’s stuffs.  The point is just to get some quality time with your partner. Pretty soon! you are going to team up for some diaper changing tasks. And you know what, I would say a candle light dinner at home would also be good enough. A stroll through the park, a drive by the beach or even book a hotel room for one night and enjoy that room service.

The last time you will be going out as a couple.

It is not that you will totally end going out with your DH once the baby comes. But you may not be very frequently going out leaving your little one at home with a babysitter. This could be the last time where you can go without some strategic planning. I think twice before leaving home even though I am going out just for few minutes and leaving my baby with the most trusted source in the world – my parents. So it may get little tough to invest time and space to be together. Hang in there! it is just the matter of few months.

Take complete rest

The first stage of stress is during pregnancy: Pregnancy hormones can throw a lot of tantrums. This can make your pregnancy more stressful. So taking a short break from the routine and enjoying some time with your spouse can relieve stress.

The second stage of stress is parenting. Parenting is exhausting. It is a wonderful tiredness but you will need a lot of energy to put forth that time and effort. Sleeping will never be the same, especially mommies are going to be awake almost every two hours. You can’t sleep in your own bed for not more than two hours. So sleep as much as you can during this short break.

Here are the three big mistakes that you would want to avoid about babymoon

  1. Splurging all the money in babymoon

A big NO NO!  You would want to save that money for buying the baby stuffs.  Babymoon can be as simple as locking yourself in a room, no cellphone, just a peaceful sleep with your partner.

2. Do not time it badly

The perfect time for a babymoon is during the second trimester, ideally between weeks 14 and 28 as the risk of complications is lower during this time.  That’s the time you will feel rejuvenated and of course no big tummy problems. I had a pretty severe nausea during the first trimester. But I got back all the energy in the second trimester and I felt like deserving that trip.

3. Try not to go too far from home

By home, I actually meant hospital. You would possibly want to be close to your hospital. And flight journeys aren’t fun when your tummy has grown big  and you have an urge to pee every time. It is good if you choose a place at a convenient distance if you planning on visiting some place.

Babymoon is a very mainstream trend popping up these days. Never think that your pregnancy is incomplete without a babymoon. The whole journey you and your partner traveled through is precious. This is just taking some more time off and celebrating the arrival of the little one. 



So have you taken a babymoon? Share in the comment bar below.




2 comments on “Is babymoon more than a vacation?
  1. Meena says:

    Hey Shruthy!!! I finally took some time to reset my password.. Awesome writing! “Wonderful Tiredness” what an oxymoron… Feeling happy and proud to see you.. Generally women accompanying their partner abroad, crib that they are getting bored and do not make use of the time effectively. But you are very different and interesting. Your positive outlook on life and optimism you carry not only saves you from boredom but also inspires many women like me. I would proudly say, i am inspired by you!!! I wish you happiness and courage to continue this great work and am sure you will reach great heights in life. Avi is blessed with an awesome Mom. I am sure you will be one of the soulful role model to your kid… Happy parenting and keep inspiring us with your writing!!!

    Key mention on your blogposts:

    1. Narrative style in Writing. This was very evident in “Around the world in 33 hours”. I could imagine the scene while reading and urge of what happened the next hour!
    2. Crisp and to the point checklist. This is evident in almost all articles of yours. You don’t deviate from the point you want to express and also do not circle back on the same points
    3. Factual – I would proudly say, i have witnessed your writing on motherhood topics lively. You write what you have experience and did!
    4. Wow Factor – Any reader will get a moment of joy and thankfulness for sharing the information and choice of words after reading the blog.

    Hearty Congratulations Shruthy and Keep up with the great work!!!

    • Sruthy says:

      Thanks so much Meena for this detailed comment. And it is always good to know that someone is getting inspired by mywriting and real life scenes.

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