Pregnancy Survival Gear

Pregnancy Survival Gear

Hello Readers,

Welcome to the “PREGNANCY JUNGLE”

You will find all kinds of  mood swings, depression, physical illness, cravings and what not here. Your biggest challenge is to hike through this jungle and come out healthy and happy. And what matters the most is your endurance and tolerance. To top it off here is a post with some of the essential items to survive in this jungle. These items came handy to me and I felt this would be helpful to the fellow jungle mates too. 😀

I was so excited when I knew that am pregnant. That moment when you find out you are pregnant will be filled with immense joy and excitement. Once you sink into the happiness, bam! – nausea, sore breasts and peeing all the time kicks in. But you know what? It is always special and fabulous to be pregnant . During my first trimester, I had terrible nausea and fatigue. I had lack of motivation to do stuffs. I used to lie down the whole day and cooking was a very tough task. I hated those food items which I used to like before. Well, “HEL-LO PREGNANCY” and this is what it does to you. But my second trimester went by like a breeze  I gained back the energy and was able to go around places. Third trimester was the period of waiting and planning for the baby’s arrival. You will not realize how fast the time goes by.

Well, my pregnancy days are over and I know this post is a pretty late one. But hey! better late than never right? So, here are the essential items  that came very handy and helpful to me throughout my pregnancy days. And I felt this may be the few things that you can include in you pregnancy survival kit.

  1. Baby center app : This came very handy to me. I had downloaded this app from play store and the information that I got from it was extremely useful. They give you updates about each week and how your baby grows each week. I totally relied on their articles and learnt a lot from it. Not only do they have articles, they also publish videos like birthing videos, c-sec videos etc which helped me in confronting any type of a situation.
  2. Comfortable pyjamas: Well, you will feel like resting a lot more than before. Especially with the growing tummy, you need a very comfy pyjamas to park on the couch after a long day at work. So you would want to go and grab a very comfortable pyjamas which you can wear the whole day watching Netflix and munching popcorns (plays a critical role during pregnancy) lying in the couch.
  3. Crackers: My first trimester was pretty bad. I kept vomiting after each food intake. That’s when I got to know about the saltine crackers which helped in subsiding the vomiting sensation. For the whole of the first trimester you need a lot of carbs. These crackers can definitely add to that carbs your body needs.
  4. Ginger ale: You know what? Ginger ale was my drink of choice during the whole pregnancy period. Ginger ale helps you in taming your tummy. So for those who have terrible nausea, digesting a glass of water would also be difficult. Hence, ginger ale and ginger chews would definitely help. Try it!
  5. Pregnancy pillow: Ahh! snoogle! 😀 This was a real blessing to me. My husband gifted the “Snoogle” pregnancy pillow for my birthday. He bought it from Amazon. As your tummy grows, you need a lot of support to your backbone and tummy (duh, of course). It also helps keep your leg and hips in a very comfortable way. And pregnancy pillow totally made way until the end of my pregnancy day. A good night’s sleep is all that you would want when you are in your third trimester. Trust me!
  6. Water Bottle: It is super important to hydrate yourself throughout pregnancy. But during the first trimester, many women faces difficulty in even keeping down the water in the stomach. That is when ginger ale and soda drinks comes handy. My doc recommended me to drink atleast 8 bottles of water and just to keep a measure of how much I was drinking, I got this bottle. Carrying a water bottle around to take small sips through out the day helped in hydrating myself.
  7. Body butter: Stretch marks are very common after pregnancy. To avoid facing more stretch marks, it is better to lather up lotions while you are pregnant. The body butter came very handy especially during the third trimester. That is when my body started expanding.
  8. Granola Bar and mixed nuts: Eating breakfast every morning was quite difficult. Spicy foods never works during pregnancy. Plainer the foods, the better you will feel. I loved the nature valley granola bars which was available in Costco. This was a life savior many a times.
  9. Bump Book: I started the bump book or pregnancy journal when I was in the 14th week of pregnancy. It gave me so much positivity and a feeling of accomplishment. Collecting stickers to stick on the journal, print outs of the baby bumps etc gave me a lot of happiness. Also this is a great way to keep track of things that you don’t want to forget during your pregnancy and would want to share with your little one. So don’t miss the chance of bringing out your creativity.

These are just a handful of items which helped me in surviving and giving birth to my little one. There were plenty of small things which smoothened this journey and gave me good vibes.  I am sure new moms will have plenty of tips and tricks to share. Let me know in the comment section below.



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  1. Balakrishnan MK says:

    As always, it is nice to read your blog.Very concise , but well presented. This should be quite useful to young couples , expecting their first child..Wonder how you are able to spend so much time in writing during your rest&recuperation ,after child birth! The energy must be kindled by the innate passion to blog.Best wishes for continuing this journey in the literary world.

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