Around the world in 33 hours – Avnita’s birth story

Around the world in 33 hours – Avnita’s birth story

 Every mother would remember their child’s birth story at any point in life. They would forget anything else but not this. That moment would be very special and close to their heart. So is the birth story of my little one – Avnita.

Avnita (we call her Avi) Menon was born on November last week. The jolly ride (ahem, just trying to be cool) began on typical cold November morning at around 7am. I have been telling my birth story to many friends and family members. Each time I tell Avi’s birth story, it is always filled with excitement, anxiety and fulfillment. Hmm, it is really hard to believe that my little bub is already 2 months old. Her birth feels like it was just yesterday.

Delivery is never a planned process. It is all mysterious and can end up in a totally unplanned manner.  We need to have an open mind. I was also prepared for whatever was to come as having a healthy baby was our top most priority. I even thought that my actual delivery day might even go past my due date as Avi was my first baby.. But of course, she had a different plan in mind..

Anyways, here is how little Avnita came to this world:

7 am: I was in sound sleep. Even though I had slight pain the previous night, I could peacefully sleep through that night. But at 7 am in the morning, my water broke. I had always thought how the feeling of water breaking would be. I heard that not many women break their water before labor, hence I was really surprised that I could experience the same. I woke up my husband and rushed to the restroom to see what the matter was. The excitement and nervousness slowly started to build up from then onwards.

8 am: I called the advise nurse and informed about the situation. She connected me to the on – call provider and I spoke to her about the water break and the bloody show. She asked me to wait for contractions to begin and may be relax for a while at home.

8.30 am : I wasn’t getting any contractions until then and so decided to take a small walk around the community. It was the perfect Oregon weather with cold wind and slight drizzle. Me and hubby took four rounds around the community park. The topic during our walk – name for the baby, how to overcome the pain, revising all those wisdom we gained from childbirth classes.

10.00 am– My mom prepared breakfast which I had wholeheartedly. I knew this day is going to be pretty darn long. Hubby was getting ready and keeping the hospital bag ready.

11.00am – I felt that the baby movements were getting reduced. Our baby has done this several times. Sometimes she decides not to move to freak us out. I did not want to take any risk this time as I had broken the water already. So we called up the advice nurse and told her that we are heading to the hospital.

12.00 pm – I got admitted in the hospital. The midwife checked my dilation which was a traumatic experience for me. I knew that the worst is yet to come but I wasn’t ready for this either. I was getting mild contractions now. I passed through each contraction with a smile and laughed to the jokes that my dad cracked. Meanwhile, the lunch was served and I had it happily.

1.00 pm – The on-call provider came in and she spoke about the situation. Well, great news was that I wasn’t dilated at all. Next what? The doc suggested cervical ripening method. The decision was to give me a cervical ripening medicine called Misoprotsol. 

5.00 pm – The contractions were getting slightly stronger. At this point, I was already given the medicine Pitocin to induce labor. Vineeth kept pushing my lower back and helped me sail through the pain. He was waiting for an opportunity to use all the tips that he had learnt. Good job hubby !

8.00 pm – My smiling face started becoming more grumpy and sad – which means I am in labor. It was time for some pain relief methods. I was given pain medication through IV at first. The hospital I chose did not have the facility to provide the nitrous Oxide mask. The first pain relief mechanism was the medicine through IV. I asked for epidural every time the nurse walked into my room, but my nurse and doc denied as they felt I wasn’t dilated enough.

4.00 am– Every 2 hours, I was receiving pain medication through IV. I could sleep well for an hour because the effect lasted for an hour at first. But later as and when I started opting for more dosage, the effect of the medication starting wearing off early. Poor Mom and hubby, it was a sleepless night for them too.

5.30 am – The excruciating pain left me with no sleep. All I knew at this point was that I could make all sorts of noises. I cried out loud, yodeled and what not. I tried the birth ball method, leaned over hubby and oh! even squeezed his hands. 🙂

6.30 am – The on-call provider came in to check my dilation and I was about 5 cm dilated. Doc mentioned about a sac of water in the uterus which needs to be popped. All I could hear at that moment was – EPIDURAL. The utmost happiness was because I could finally opt for epidural. The midwife gave me epidural medication and told that I would be bedridden until the birth of my child. I was ok with that part. I just wanted this pain to subside.

7.45 am – Obviously epidural is a very routine thing. Only hubby was allowed to be in the room along with me. The anesthesiologist asked me to squeeze the pillow toward my pregnant belly and make the upper part of the body into a c-shape. Hubby sat on a chair in front of me, holding my hand passing on all the energy and support.  The doc applied a liquid like stuff on the spinal cord (which later I read that it is an sterilizing iodine solution) and found the right place to prick. With that prick, my body was numbed . I slowly started to doze off.

11.00 am – The provider on call came in to pop the sac of water which was blocking the way for the baby to head down.

12.00 pm – The nurse for the day was very helpful and knowledgeable. She started trying various poses so that the baby would start heading down. My favorite was the peanut ball pose. I am not able to feel those major contractions at this moment.

3.00 pm – I was almost dilated up to 9 cm. Still the head wasn’t engaged. Nurse kept trying different position.

3.45 pm – Doc and nurse informed about that I can start pushing in another one hour.

5.00 pm – I was dilated fully and was ready to push. I pushed with all my strength, bursting all my blood nerves, I pushed the ass off. Only thing I could think of was, the harder I push, sooner my baby will be in my arms.

7.30 pm – My obgyn (whom I was seeing throughout my pregnancy) arrived. Oh dear Lord! I was already in the peak of my contractions. I started crying out loud which I am sure the whole hospital would have heard. Topping off the epidural did no help. I am  still in pain. I crawled up the bed like a mad woman, screaming and shouting in pain.  Here comes the verdict which I never thought would happen. As I said earlier, pregnancy is not a planned process at all. Doc informed me that the baby was in much more difficult position and would not be able to come down. I can go on and on and push for another four hours but in vain. That’s it, I decided. I want this baby out healthy and fine. Doc recommended C section.

7.45 pm – As the pain was sneaking up, Doc kept explaining  about the C-section procedures. We signed up papers for it.  Within few seconds, a team of people hurried into my room, might have detached my tube and put me on a portable bed. Anesthesiologist gave a higher dosage to numb my lower part of the body. The next moment, I see myself being wheeled out to the surgery room.

8.00 pm – I am lying in the surgery bed. I am feeling drowsy and nauseous. As the doctors and nurses were getting ready for the surgery. All I could think of was – Did I do something wrong by taking this hasty decision? Am I hurting my baby? Will I be paralyzed for the whole of my life? God! you won’t believe what all thoughts kept riding my mind.  The only happiness was that am going to meet my little one after more than 30 hours of labor and pain. My husband being allowed inside the OR was another blessing.

Around 8.30 pm – My doc hoisted our baby . 😀 I could see her through the small window in the drape which was used to cover so that I wouldn’t see what is happening below. The result of our prayers was finally in front of me.  The nurse quickly wrapped her in a blanket, with a cute pink cap on and she was snuggling in the arms of my hubby. I raised my head up to take a quick look at my doll and give her a peck on the cheek.



Avi’s going home outfit

She completes us!

Our Avnita is here (literally next to me as am writing this) . She is a darling! My  tiredness and numbness lifted up as soon as I grabbed her in my arms. This tiny human completed our family. I feel like a changed woman after it. I am slowly understanding what motherhood and gradually embracing this new phase of life.


See you soon

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    Kudos to your spirit! Profoundly written – the intense moments and emotions are palpable.

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    Nice to see you back in action,after a short break, for obvious reasons.You have forayed into an unchartered world of reality through this breathtaking picturisation of the experience of giving birth.Excellent presentation, as is your forte. I believe that the substance of this blog will be more useful to those gentlemen who couldnt be beside their sweet hearts for some reason, during the ecstatic trauma they would have undergone!! Keep blogging over a wider canvass through the Press.Best of luck.

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