Tips and Tricks To Design a Logo

Designing a logo is not that easy? When I created my blog name, I was curious about what logo would suit my blog page . I certainly wanted to go for a design with a play of letters or a custome typeface. At first, I even tried out using a logo making website to create something that matches my blog page. It was super easy. I just had to give some words that best describes my blog page. Unfortunately, the results were very funny. Finally, I took help of one of my designer friend who was an expert logo maker. She did absolute justice to my needs and wishes. Today on the blog, I am going to walk you through the evolution of SSS logo and few tips to keep in mind before you start creating one.

The first tip is to focus on simplicity. I never was into complex designs which would be too difficult to comprehend. Hence, keeping your logo simple is quintessential. The first logo that I created using is below:

This was looking too complex and never really reciprocated what my website wanted to say and convey to the readers. Funny thing is it looked more like a salon or beauty pageant ad for me. So keep in mind whenever you are creating or redesigning your logo that it should intend to symbolize your brand. It should not be confusing.

Secondly, be mindful of the fact that “too many flashy components” can destroy the detailing and can be very distracting too. When my first logo design did not appeal me totally. I went ahead and designed a new one using the logo making website which was too flashy and had very few elements that spoke about my page.

How’s that? Yeah! it had the camera in one of the colored boxes but then still I was not completely satisfied with this one. I felt that the flashy elements in a design can take away the core objective of the logo itself which is to serve as a representation of your brand. I would like to quote an example of Windows logo here. Since 1985, the logo is undergoing massive changes. Windows tried out some plain as well as flashy colors too. But I would say and I am sure many of my fellow readers would also agree to the fact that the latest logo of Windows is the best.

And currently what you see in your digital space is the most simplest and clean logo of Windows as of today. I love this one. It is so neat and precise.

Thirdly, always choose a logo that do not require a massive change after several years. So I did not want something which looked very outdated in less than a year. The logo design had to remain timeless. My trial and error with the making of logos ended when I failed twice. I was not at all fulfilled with the designs that the computer generated. That’s when my friend intervened. She was a graphic designer and a good artist. The first logo she designed for me was the below one:

I told her to bring in some more depth to this logo. Predominantly, my web page would be talking about travel, photography and food. So I was definitely hooked up with the small element she brought to the word “Savor”. The snap and scribble needed some more remodeling.

Fourthly, this is where color plays a key role. I comprehended that the logo might be looking dull because of the colors used. I wanted some bright and perky colors. In my opinion, bright colors may grab the attention of the readers whereas it may also look a little audacious to some. And every color has its own implications which can bring in nuances to the brand image. I tried playing around with some colors and suggested few that I felt would match .

I chose three colors for my logo: RED, ORANGE and BLUE.  According to the “Psychology of color in logo design” each color had something to convey to the readers.

  • Red represented energetic, enthusiastic and bold.
  • Orange was creative, friendly and youthful.
  • Blue signified trustworthy, dependable and professional.

Great! I felt very good partly because I chose some good colors and partly because I was few steps closer to the final logo. Now here comes the challenge. In this digital world, we need to design a logo that appears good both offline, online and in all avatars. So, never forget to test the logo in your laptop, tablet, mobile phone etc.

Lastly, I wanted to bring in a story element to the logo. My readers are from various genres. Some of them might enjoy the recipes, where as some might read along my scribbles or there could be few who may just like to view the photographs that I take. So, the logo got three elements which gave an obvious meaning. A camera for the Snap, aroma for Savor and pen for Scribble. Thus, the  logo shown below was made as final.



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