A rendezvous with Sunflowers in Hood River, Oregon

A rendezvous with Sunflowers in Hood River, Oregon

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Yayy! the sunflower season is here! Sunflower fields typically starts popping up in the month of August. And after a week of terrible heat in Oregon, these glorious beauties were in full bloom in Packers Orchard &  Farm Place, Hood River.

This wasn’t a huge acre of sunflower farm. But a small patch where these beauties were blooming. I have read that crop sunflowers blooms only for few weeks. After the blooming days are completed, they lose their charm and becomes all droopy and ugly. Probably, that was the reason why this farm had a one day sunflower event for the public.

Here are some tips which I would want to share with you all if you have plans to visit them in the next summer:

Plan to arrive at sunrise to avoid the rush of people. To witness the flowers at their prime awesomeness, it is a must to start to the farms when the sun is up. There is really something truly magical about these flowers when they face the east and welcome the sun.

Dress up in a subtle color outfit. Either black or white would be appropriate with a straw hat or any english caps. I am sure you would want to look more vibrant than these flowers, but unfortunately it is quite not possible. 😛

Respect other visitors privacy. You may find ‘n’ number of visitors trying out different poses and styles. It is better not to stare at them and make them feel uncomfortable. Wait for your turn.

This farm also had some fun corn patches for the kids to play. I also loved some of the super tasty jams and pickles that were sold at the farm. This was a fun place to be and spend about an hour and half with your family and friends.

The travelling distance from Portland to Packer Orchard and farm place is about an hour. You will appreciate the drive among the valleys and orchards. Moreover, you also get a perfect view of the Mt.Hood and Mt.Jefferson from this point. Try to make it in the next summer!




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