Exploring the Cannon Beach, Oregon

Exploring the Cannon Beach, Oregon

Who is up for a drive to the beach this summer?  A short trip with family to a nearby beach destination would definitely amp up your energy. Now with the weekend coming up, my new blog will focus on the calmer and serene looking beach destination in Oregon – The Cannon Beach. Yes!  drive uptil the pacific ocean would certainly be more fun.

Cannon beach in Oregon is at a comfortable driving distance from Portland. This is about 1 hour and 30 minutes from the city. You drive through the mountains and hills to reach this beach. It is an adorable and charming little town on the coast of the Pacific ocean. The waves are calmer and the sand is perfect to build the sand castles. Summer would be perfect to visit the beaches as the temperature may not be very high. It would be cool enough to feel the water and take a walk on the sea shore enjoying the sunset.

Talking about the weather, I have been to Cannon beach twice and the weather was totally unpredictable. First time, I visited during winter ( I know, who visits a beach during winter right? We were a bit goofy back then :P) and I was literally tucked inside the jackets,coats and gloves. But it was nice to see the huge Haystack rock and seagulls flying towards their nest. We could barely touch the water and all I did was to take a short stroll in the shore. But ofcourse! the sunset was incredible. Here are few pics from my winter trip to Cannon beach.

My second visit was during summer. It was pretty damn hot in the city and we made a plan to the beach. But again, the weather was not as much hot as I expected. It was again colder in the coast. But this time, we could play in the water. We made ourselves a picnic and enjoyed the food sitting in the shore.

Because weather can be unpredictable on the coast, make sure to be prepared for all kinds of situations. Get yourself a rain jacket, boots, beach towels, flip flops etc. You never know, the sun might either up and bright or could be foggy too.

The Haystack rock:

This is a 235-foot sea stack in Cannon Beach , Oregon. It is claimed as the third tallest intertidal structure in the world. Haystack rock is the Oregon’s most recognizable landmark, home to colorful tidepools and bird life. (Source: Wikipedia)

Here are the top 5 things that once can do in Cannon Beach :

  1. Visit the Haystack rock.
  2. Go to the Ecola State park for the stunning view of the beach.
  3. You can stop over at Camp 18 (on the way to Cannon Beach) for some awesome brunch or dinner.
  4. Passing through Tillamook National Forest would tempt you to stop by the Tillamook icecream and cheese factory.
  5. Are you a beer lover, pitstop at the Cannon Beach distillery would cheer you up.

Don’t waste up the summer. It is always worth visiting beach when the temperature shoots up. The cool breeze in the beach shore can definitely cool you down.

More coastal trips coming on the blog. Stay tuned.


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