A summer dip in the Trillium Lake, Oregon

A summer dip in the Trillium Lake, Oregon

And finally, we made it to the magnificent Mt.Hood. Oh man! it is so huge and stands so tall. I was exhilarated by seeing the summit so close to my eyes. I could never stop gazing at its beauty. And of course, click more and more pictures to add to my memories.

But the best view of the mountain was found in Trillium Lake. The drive to Trillium Lake from Portland is about an hour and this is one of the best spots to view this spectacular mountain. Mt. Hood dominates over Lake Trillium casting its shadow on the lake. You would be able to see the shadow at all the angles. That’s the beauty of this place. It is absolutely magical I felt.

It is a perfect location to unwind yourself from all the busy work schedule.  Many of you might feel that the life is so noisy and chaotic. It would be filled with an early start to work, emails, and meetings. You are probably juggling a lot of high demanding projects and deadlines. These stresses are likely to remain forever unless you crawl yourself and connect with the outdoors. So, don’t think twice when you get an opportunity to go all outdoorsy.  And Trillium Lake in Oregon is one of the best places to get rejuvenated.

There is a story to share here. We had been to Trillium Lake in the month of February (winter had not ended yet)  and the roads were closed to the lake because of snow. We walked about a mile towards the lake wearing our normal sports shoes whereas people were skiing, sledding and snowshoeing. We tried to walk further and that’s when it started snowing heavily. We turned back without seeing the lake. The experience was incredible though. The entire area was white, the trees were covered half with snow. The beauty during the snow season is totally different from what you view during summer. I was disappointed to the fact that I could not see the frozen lake. But never mind, the perks of staying in Oregon is that we can visit Trillium anytime we want. And we decided to come back during summer. So here is a sneak peak of the winter wonderland in Trillium Lake.

The view down the trail

The summer view of the lake is ultimate. There were lush green trees around the lake, the snow was slightly melting off the mountain, but the view was still mindblowing. People were doing kayaking, paddling, picnicking, canoeing, boating, fishing and swimming in the lake. Some were just soaking the feet in the cold water which by itself is a relaxing feeling. There is a day use picnic areas and camping spots besides the lake. The Trillium Lake loop runs around the lake.

Some friends to share your happiness.

Oregon is the best, we love how one can go from the mountains to the ocean and city in between, all in one weekend!

My trial and error with the camera features. 😛

There are several lakes around the Mt.Hood where one can see the view of the mountain. Some of the other famous ones are mirror lake, lake timothy, lost lake etc. I would suggest to never miss this spot if you are driving up or down the Mt.Hood. It is toally fabulous and worth a visit.

Good times never end..it always begins with new adventures. No one said, this is my own creation 😛

See you soon !


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