Woodburn Woodenshoe Tulip Festival, Oregon

Woodburn Woodenshoe Tulip Festival, Oregon

I am a person who loves change. What if everything was stagnant and there wasn’t any change?  Life would have been boring right? Changing seasons are my favorite. It totally reciprocates the ups and downs in life. In the winter season, we all talk about snow, rain and temperature drop and chillness, during summer, it is all about high temperatures, heat, pool, beaches. And spring is all about greenery, blooms, flowers and flowers. This blog focusses on the tulip flowers and their beauty.

Tulips are one of the most popular spring flowers. Visiting 40 acres of Tulip farm was my dream. Ever since I moved to Oregon, I kept hearing about the much awaited Tulip fest. I knew that people from across the west and northwest states visit Oregon during this tulip fest. Of course, there is nothing like the colorful tulip flowers, a backdrop of Mt.Hood and fresh country air to spike up a weekend.

We visited the Woodburn tulip farm during early April and it was still in full bloom. They had two big patches of tulip farms full of vibrant and beautiful tulips. It had rained the previous day so it made for some muddy areas which were not fun. I know everything comes with its own pros and cons. I recommend everyone to wear rain boots.

This place is fun for people of all age groups. There were lots of fun rides for kids and entertainment for adults. To our luck, the day we visited the tulip farms was pretty sunny and we enjoyed thoroughly. Moreover, there was this giant hot air balloon set up in the farm which truly amazed the crowd.

Growing tulips are not very easy. The Woodenshoe Tulip Farm owners plant the tulip fields in October. The bulbs are planted in raised rows with furrows to ensure they have proper drainage and to make harvesting easier. Imagine, this year Oregon faced a terrible winter with snow and rain and hence many tulip plants were spoiled too. Despite of all that, the Woodenshoe Tulip farm displayed a vibrant array of tulips to the visitors. #noregrets

The tulip days are over and summer is officially here. See you next year lovely and pretty flowers!



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