10 mistakes new bloggers commit

10 mistakes new bloggers commit

Ok! so today’s post is not about food or travel. This is just a random musing I picked up while doing some chores at home. I have started blogging since 2016 and it was my personal project just because the idea of travel blogging seemed interesting. Well, this year I decided to expand my project by buying a domain which apparently helped me in getting a good  name for my blogging page. But, there are few mistakes that I kept reiterating as a blogger in the early days. And I would never want them to occur in the future.

I started this blog as a hobby and now this is like my baby. I keep experimenting things with it and I am always on the verge of finding something new for it. I am sure many bloggers are like me who have started blogging as a hobby. And I definitely want you all to take a read at these common mistakes that may come your way in the initial days. Try to confront them gently  and make your way forward to success.

There is nothing called a perfect blog name

I realized that when I did the biggest mistake of choosing a name called “mytraveldiaries” the very first time. I was super confident that this is what my blog name is. But at one point, I was not able to expand or think about anything else but constrained to travel alone. This limited my  imagination.

Solution: Choose a versatile but unique blog name that will help you in growing over a period of time.

Not being serious about your blogging from the beginning

Don’t commit this mistake ever. It is always good to host a web page from the beginning. A free blogging page would only be favorable to  you if your intention is to blog amongst your family and friends. But over a period of time, these thoughts would take a big U-turn. Then you will regret about not hosting a web page from the very beginning, just like how I felt few months before 🙁

Solution: Host your web page from the beginning. The best hosting site for new bloggers would either be amazon EC2 or blue host.

Dreaming about your followers

Haha! I laugh at me sometimes when I think about my follower base. I had a good amount of followers when I maintained a free web page. But now my new website needs a lot of visibility. The biggest success of blogging is when you start having a growing list of email subscribers with whom you can share your content. It is okay to dream, but do not be too worried if you can’t get enough email subscribers in a day or two. It takes time.

Solution: Keep the subscription widget enabled in your web page. Make sure your readers sees the subscription button first when they visit your page.

Focussing on “ME” only

Do you think people care about you as a reader? I know it may sound too harsh, but the reality is there are hardly very fewer people out there who wants to know about “YOU”. The mistake that I committed as a new blogger is to infuse too much “ME” into my blogs. Readers do not want to know about you. So, try to infuse your personality rather. So this way you may attract more readers and hence, spike up your followers.

Solution: shift from person to personality.

Try to be consistent

It is always good to be regular about your posts. Of course, your fan following would increase as and when you write more posts. But never commit the mistake of writing some randomand monotonous blogs. That would just decrease the interest. I made the biggest mistake of not being regular. And I should stop apologizing for not being able to write regularly. So fix a timeline, make a calender and jot down the topics that you want to write in a month. I am sure you will get more and more topics on a day-to-day basis.

Solution: Stop apologizing and start being consistent.

Select topics that are not too “bored” (oops! i meant broad)

“Stick to this or that” – I did not say this but great bloggers did. 😛 You should not try to write everything under the sky. Moreover, specific topics tend to attract smaller and well-targeted audiences. Broad topics may lose the interest and tend to be boring.

Solution : a smaller spectrum of a topic, larger would be the quality. Quality is directly proportional to fan base.

Not creating an outline for your blog post

I have done this mistake and ended up getting a very sub-par blog post. I would just be doing something and suddenly think about not posting anything on my blog page. What is my next step? Take out the laptop and just keep typing. Oh boy! this is so going to put you in mess. What you all have to do is to create an outline, decide what type of post you would want to post, is it a research topic, a personal experience, recipe blog etc etc. By putting the time up front to organize your thoughts and creating a logical flow in your post will help you in the longer run.

Solution: Spending time in the beginning would help you save a lot of time later.
Thinking about your competitors

The biggest mistake new bloggers including me do is to compare ourself with the peers. Of course, you will not compare yourself with someone who started blogging recently. But you start seeing yourself at par with the established bloggers. Obviously, they did not become famous in a day, it would have taken lots of efforts for them too. My advice would be to just stop comparing. Do what you can do to increase your fan base, improve the quality of your blog post and make it interesting day by day. One biggest lesson learned so far.

Don’t you edit your blog post?

It is always good to take a read of the blog post before you hit the publish button. It is very important to edit what you have written. It may take few minutes but it is always worth doing it.

Solution: use grammarly for easy and fast editing of your blog post.

Writing long paragraphs

I used to be too poetic in the beginning of my blogging days. It is normal. But you know what? Your readers are rarely going to read through all of that. They may just skim through and go to that point which interests them. So giant solid blocks of text without any dividers would be too monotonous. Hence, I shifted to a new theme called photo blogging. Fewer words and more pictures (of course! use only those pictures which you feel is relevant)

Inconsistent blogging names

I moved from mytraveldiaries to “snapsavorscribble” this year. And I am maintaining a similar name in my Instagram account too. The mistake of not keeping a consistent name in all the social media sharing would put you at a lot of risks. People may not recognize you in certain social media platforms and hence, you may start losing follower base.

Solution: Go for a short and sweet name that is memorable.

There could be many more mistakes that you may encounter and it will be fun to read about it. Share your thoughts and experience with me in the comment section below.


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