Bluebonnet Festival – Chappel Hill, Texas

Bluebonnet Festival – Chappel Hill, Texas

Spring is my favorite season of the year. It gives me immense pleasure and happiness as we  go outdoor plenty of times during this crisp weather.

Recently  I got a chance to come out of my cozy blanket on a cloudy Sunday morning and pull out this spring outfit from my closet because I knew it was going to be a fun day. We decided to visit a small town near Houston called Chappell Hill. It is about an hour to reach  Chappell Hill from Houston. The major attraction in this small city is the Bluebonnet Festival which happens once in a year.The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas.It’s also been called buffalo clover, wolf flower and el conejo, or rabbit in Spanish.


It was the 52nd Bluebonnet festival in Chappell Hill, Texas. A celebration with merry, food, music and shopping. The town of Chappell Hill calls itself “the heart of Bluebonnet Country” and earned the title “Official State of Texas Bluebonnet Festival”.Unless you are a naturalist, you will likely not be able to tell much difference among the various native species of bluebonnets. That’s ok! The important thing is to enjoy the bluebonnets. We could see a huge variety of flowers in different colors. Some were orange, yellow and of course the dark bluebonnets which I very well know. The Bluebonnet festival has been taking place since years. It takes place when the bluebonnets bloom at its peak but unfortunately this time of the year, the flowers had already bloomed and because of the weather some of the batches had spoiled too.


We first took a stroll through the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet festival where we could walk in to various antique shops with loads of household decors. My favorite amongst them was  this vendor who was selling dips & soups of various flavors. We could taste variety of soups from the famous Louisiana Gumbo to the most popular America’s choice tater soup. We loved that experience and spent some dollars to buy those delicacies. 😛    As food lovers, we never miss a chance to try out new food. This time it was the Philly Cheese Steak from a food truck, even though blackened alligator was also on offer!. It was tasty and mouthwatering. We loved the way the food vendor tossed the chips and steak in his hot pan.



Yes, that is the fingerlicking Philly cheese steak.

It was almost noon and we wanted to head towards the bluebonnet trail. I can give you a fair picture of where these flowers bloomed the most. You may not find fields of flowers but they did bloom in batches. We found some near a church adjacent to the US290 & FM 1155. We parked our car and indulged in photoshoot sessions; I am crazy about photography and selfies. We took many beautiful selfies to add on to our memoirs. 🙂


I had read earlier that every year thousands of families travel to Chappell Hill to take in pristine views of fields upon fields of bluebonnets.But this year, an early arrival of the state flower is tricking Texans . We enjoyed seeing the magical bluebonnet fields, and families vying with each other to capture best poses.

What works best for an awesome photoshoot in Bluebonnet trail:

  1. Carry a good camera or a phone which can capture high definition picture.
  2. Wear a nice floral outfit which is contrasting to the bluebonnets or any solid top/blouse which will nicely blend with the surrounding. By wearing solid colors you will allow the bluebonnets to be showcased.
  3. You may as well wear something which will cover bare legs like skirts or pants. I did not think of those ants who love the bluebonnets. But beware there are lots of itchy grasses and ants out there.
  4. Carry nice props that you think might suit the photoshoot and surroundings. Trust me, you will go mad capturing plenty of pictures. Camera obsession is not bad though ! 🙂


Can you believe that Bluebonnets are actually weeds that grow by themselves on the sides of the highways? They do not need any care or attention. They bloom on their own and die after offering a visual treat to all the visitors of Chappell Hill. I was certainly amazed by this patch of beauty or rather I will call it the beautiful blue meadow.


Here are some words of caution: :O

1.First and foremost be safe. You will find these flowers on the road side. Families stop on the side of the highway and take photos with cars buzzing by at 70 mph! Hence, it will be apt if you find a patch of flowers which is tucked in and not on the roadside. Especially if you have kids along with you.

2.Watch out for snakes or other insects. I did not have any personal experience with any of these but during my research about this location , I read that there can be snakes that may come out of their holes and meander through these beauties. So just be aware of your surroundings.


Those Houstonians who feel they have missed this enchanted experience, can also visit Ennis which is about 40 minutes drive from Dallas, Texas. The Ennis Bluebonnet Trails officially open on April 1, and the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival is set for April 15-17.I got this piece of information from internet.

What are you waiting for? Plan your trip soon before these wild flowers vanish.

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